ISBN: 9780345397676
Year of publication: 2002
Sequence of author: The voyage of the jerle shannara(№1)


Terry Brooks


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Terry Brooks The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara — 2 Antrax TO JOHN SAUL AND MIKE SACK For fifteen years of wry insight, wicked humor, and invaluable advice 1 Grianne Ohmsford was six years old on the last day of her childhood. She was small for her age and lacked unusual strength of body or extraordinary life experience and was not therefore particularly well prepared for growing up all at once. She had lived the whole of her life on the eastern fringes of the Rabb Plains, a sheltered child in a sheltered home, the eldest of two born to Araden and Biornlief Ohmsford, he a scribe and teacher, she a housewife. People came and went from their home as if it were an inn, students of her father, clients drawing on the benefit of his skills, travelers from all over the Four Lands. But she herself had never been anywhere and was only just beginning to understand how much of the world she knew nothing about when...

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