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The site is a catalog of books.

Content on this site is intended for persons over 13+ years.

Books written in genres: "Erotic, Sex", "Porn","Erotica","Sex and Family Psychology" only for adults! (18+).

If your age is less than indicated - immediately leave the site!

On the web site Atebook no illegal content and full versions of books.

The site contains the covers of books, annotations, isbn, fragments of books, information on the author and the publication of the book, but not the books themselves.

All rights belong to the authors and publishers of relevant books.

All information on this site is for reference only.

The website is not selling books.

Information on this site is taken from the huge number of Internet sources.

Information on this site may be not complete or not accurate.

Site information and rules are subject to change without notice.

Your presence on the site implies full and unconditional acceptance of these rules.

For all questions can be addressed to email: admin{'-D_O_G-'} ({'-D_O_G-'} change to @)

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