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The Future Is Female!

The Future Is Female!

C L Moore
Ursula K Le Guin
Mildred Clingerman
Joanna Russ
Kate Wilhelm
Carol Emshwiller
Andrew North
Wilmar H Shiras
Kit Reed
Zenna Henderson
Leigh Brackett
Katherine MacLean
Lisa Yaszek
Clare Winger Harris
Leslie F Stone
Leslie Perri
Judith Merril
Margaret St Clair
Alice Eleanor Jones
Rosel George Brown
Elizabeth Mann Borgese
Doris Pitkin Buck
Alice Glaser
John Jay Wells
Marion Zimmer Bradle
Sonya Dorman
James Tiptree, Jr

ISBN: 9781598535808
Year of publication: 2018

25 CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION STORIES BY WOMEN, FROM PULP PIONEERS TO URSULA K. LE GUIN LISA YASZEK, EDITOR INTRODUCTION BY LISA YASZEK STORIES speculating about the future of science, technology, and society began to appear across the globe over the course of the nineteenth century. But science fiction SF only came into its own in the American SF magazines of the early and mid-twentieth century. Tantalizing readers with sensational cover art and even more sensational titles like Amazing Stories, ...

The Sword of Rhiannon

The Sword of Rhiannon

Leigh Brackett

Year of publication: 1953

The Sword of Rhiannon by Leigh Brackett I. The Door to Infinity Matt Carse knew he was being followed almost as soon as he left Madam Kans. The laughter of the little dark women was still in his ears and the fumes of thil lay like a hot sweet haze across his visionbut they did not obscure from him the whisper of sandaled feet close behind him in the chill Martian night. Carse quietly loosened his proton-gun in its holster but he did not attempt to lose his pursuer. He did not slow nor quicken ...

People of the Talisman

People of the Talisman

Leigh Brackett

ISBN: 9780441757817
Year of publication: 2008

People of the Talisman by Leigh Brackett I Through all the long cold hours of the Norland night the Martian had not moved nor spoken. At dusk of the day before Eric John Stark had brought him into the ruined tower and laid him down, wrapped in blankets, on the snow. He had built a fire of dry lichens, and since then the two men had waited, alone in the vast wasteland that girdles the polar cap of Mars. Now, just before dawn, Camar the Martian spoke. Stark. Yes I am dying. Yes. I will not reach ...