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Not One of Us

Not One of Us

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ISBN: 9781597809573
Year of publication: 2018

NOT ONE OF US STORIES OF ALIENS ON EARTH Edited by Neil Clarke If you find a bit of yourself in these stories, this book is for you. Introduction Throughout the science fiction landscape, aliens have been used to illustrate our own best and worst traits, but from a distance that makes it more palatable than a closer look in the mirror. They are portrayed as invaders, refugees, saviors, observers, outsiders, opportunists, and sometimes as beings that barely notice our existence. Yet, outside of ...

Lord Stink

Lord Stink

Judith Berman

Year of publication: 1997

Lord Stink by Judith Berman Illustration by Laurie Harden Only when the shadow of Feather Mountain reached her high grassy ledge did Winter realize how late the day had grown. For the last time, she emptied the little basket she wore strung around her neck into the bigger one at her feet. With care she picked up the bigger basket, now brimming with berries, and scrambled sweating along the narrow trail that led down through otherwise impenetrable thickets of scrubby spruce and blueberry. She had ...