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Linda Nagata

ISBN: 9781937197278
Year of publication: 2019

Linda Nagata INVERTED FRONTIER EDGES Prelude: Arrival Against a starscape, a smudge of white light. A faint gleam, devoid of detail. Notable, because it had not been present when that sector of the Near Vicinity had last been surveyed by the array of telescopes in orbit around the Deception Well star system. So it was something new, although not unknown. A Dull Intelligence, assigned to analyze astronomical data, had observed such phenomena five times before during its twelve hundred years of ...

Keywords: Action and Adventure Aliens far future frontier worlds human expansion nanotechnology starfaring starship
The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection

Maureen F McHugh
Nancy Kress
Michael Swanwick
Bruce Sterling
Gardner Dozois
Harry Turtledove
Michael F Flynn
Alastair Reynolds
Greg Egan
Tobias S Buckell
Eleanor Arnason
Robert Reed
Lavie Tidhar
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Bill Johnson
Madeline Ashby
Alec Nevala-Lee
Suzanne Palmer
Linda Nagata
Sean McMullen
Kelly Robson
Aliette de Bodard
Naomi Kritzer
Rich Larson
Indrapramit Das
R S Benedict
Carter Scholz
Ray Nayler
Jack Skillingstead
Burt Courtier
Jaine Fenn
Jessica Barber
Sara Saab
Kelly Jennings
Ian McHugh
Vina Jie-Min Prasad
Finbarr ’Reilly

ISBN: 9781250164629
Year of publication: 2018

THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION THIRTY-FIFTH ANNUAL COLLECTION Edited by Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments The editor would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Jonathan Strahan, Sean Wallace, Neil Clarke, Gordon Van Gelder, C.C.Finlay, Andy Cox, John Joseph Adams, Ellen Datlow, Sheila Williams, Trevor Quachri, Nick Gevers, Peter Crowther, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, William Shaffer, Ian Whates, Paula Guran, Liza Trombi, Robert Wexler, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Joseph Eschrich, ...

The Martian Obelisk

The Martian Obelisk

Linda Nagata

ISBN: 9781250162403
Year of publication: 2017

Linda Nagata THE MARTIAN OBELISK The end of the world required time to accomplishand time, Susannah reflected, worked at the task with all the leisurely skill of a master torturer, one who could deliver death either quickly or slowly, but always with excruciating pain. No getting out of it. But there were still things to do in the long, slow decline final gestures to make. Susannah Li-Langford had spent seventeen years working on her own offering-for-the-ages, with another six and half years to ...

The Last Good Man

The Last Good Man

Linda Nagata

ISBN: 9781937197230
Year of publication: 2017

Linda Nagata THE LAST GOOD MAN The Business of War We told her not to go. It was too dangerous. She told us it would be all right. There would be security. The gray-haired gentleman speaks in quiet syllables, each chiseled by the emotions he holds in check as he explains the circumstances that have brought him to Requisite Operations Incorporated, a private military company headquartered in Thurston County, south of Seattle. In a conference room elegantly appointed in dark-brown fabrics and ...

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence autonomous robotics autonomous weapons Hard Science Fiction high-tech science fiction Military Science Fiction Military Thriller near-future science fiction private military company robots


Linda Nagata

ISBN: 0312709994
Year of publication: 2003

Linda Nagata MEMORY Chapter 1 When I was ten I had a blanket that was smooth and dark, with no light of its own until I moved and then its folds would glitter with thousands of tiny stars in all the colors of the stars in the night sky. But the pale arch that appears at the zenith on clear nights and that we call the Bow of Heaven never would appear on my blanketand for that I was glad. For if there was no Heaven, I reasoned, then the dead would always be reborn in this world and not the next, ...

The Best Horror of the Year. Volume 6

The Best Horror of the Year. Volume 6

Neil Gaiman
Ellen Datlow
Laird Barron
Dale Bailey
Lynda E Rucker
Conrad Williams
Kim Newman
Steve Rasnic Tem
Simon Clark
Nathan Ballingrud
Brian Hodge
Simon Strantzas
Nina Allan
Stephen Bacon
K J Kabza
Stephen Toase
Robert Shearman
Ray Cluley
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Priya Sharma
Derek ünsken
Lee Thomas
Jane Jakeman
Tim Casson
Linda Nagata

ISBN: 9781597805032
Year of publication: 2013

THE BEST HORROR OF THE YEAR VOLUME SIX Edited by Ellen Datlow Also Edited by Ellen Datlow A Whisper of Blood A Wolf at the Door with Terri Windling After with Terri Windling Alien Sex Black Heart, Ivory Bones with Terri Windling Black Swan, White Raven with Terri Windling Black Thorn, White Rose with Terri Windling Blood is Not Enough: 17 Stories of Vampirism Blood and Other Cravings Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror Digital Domains: A Decade of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fearful ...