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The Gender Creative Child

The Gender Creative Child

Diane Ehrensaft
Norman Spack

ISBN: 9781615193073
Year of publication: 2016

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD THE GENDER CREATIVE CHILD PATHWAYS FOR NURTURING AND SUPPORTING CHILDREN WHO LIVE OUTSIDE GENDER BOXES To my beloved parents, Edith Ehrensaft and Morris Ehrensaft, ninety-six and ninety-eight years old, and still going strong Foreword by Norman Spack, MD In 1985, WHEN I ran an adolescent medicine practice, a colleague asked me to provide testosterone treatment for a recent college graduate, my first transgender patient. Although the patient had been born anatomically female ...

Keywords: Bisexual Child Psychology Demographics Gay Gender Studies Lesbian LGBT Studies Medical Books Parenting Pederasty Politics and Social Sciences Psychology and Counseling Transgender