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The Man Who Couldn't Die

The Man Who Couldn't Die

Olga Slavnikova

ISBN: 9780231546416
Year of publication: 2019

Olga Slavnikova THE MAN WHO COULDNT DIE THE TALE OF AN AUTHENTIC HUMAN BEING INTRODUCTION Ressentiment Monsters MARK LIPOVETSKY I met Olga Slavnikova in 1987 or 1988. Back then we both lived in Sverdlovsk now Ekaterinburg she worked as an editor at Ural, the local thick and respectable literary magazine, and I was publishing my first articles in it. She had just finished a journalism degree at Ural State University my alma mater too and was launching her literary career, both as a prose writer ...

Keywords: Russian and Former Soviet Union
Calligraphy Lesson

Calligraphy Lesson

Mikhail Shishkin

ISBN: 9781941920022
Year of publication: 2015

Mikhail Shishkin CALLIGRAPHY LESSON THE COLLECTED STORIES The Half-Belt Overcoat Theres a famous police photograph of Robert Walser, taken at the place of his death: winter, a white incline, tracks in deep snow, a man fallen supine, arms outstretched. His old mans hat flung to the side. Thats how he was found by children on their Christmas walk. He described his own death in a story published half a century before his final Christmas. The protagonist of this brief little tale is a lost soul, ...

Madness Treads Lightly

Madness Treads Lightly

Polina Dashkova

ISBN: 9781477823460
Year of publication: 2017

Polina Dashkova MADNESS TREADS LIGHTLY CHAPTER 1 Moscow, March 1996 Lena Polyanskaya wrestled the stroller through the deep March slush and lumpy melting snow like a Volga boatman. The narrow street was lined with tall, hardened snowdrifts, and any speeding cars splashed the pedestrians with thick brown muck. Two-year-old Liza kept trying to stand up in the stroller so she could walk on her own little feet. She thought she was too big for a stroller, and anyway, there were so many interesting ...

Keywords: Amateur Sleuth International Mystery and Crime Mystery and Detective Women Sleuths