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SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest

SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest

Matt Hilton
Tim Marquitz
Jeremy Robinson
Weston Ochse
Alan Baxter
Kane Gilmour
SD Perry
Jack Hanson

ISBN: 9780994302939
Year of publication: 2015

SNAFU: Survival of the Fittest Edited byGeoff Brown, Amanda J. Spedding Publishers Note: This book is a collection of stories from writers all over the world. For authenticity and voice, we have kept the style of English native to each authors location, so some stories will be in UK English, and others in US English. We have, however, changed dashes and dialogue marks to our standard format for ease of understanding. This book is a work of fiction. All people, places, events, T-rexs, ...

Keywords: Action Horror Military Thriller