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Down with the Fallen

Down with the Fallen

Jordon Greene
Jack Lothian
Toby Alexander
M B čić
Rohit Sawant
Mary Victoria Johnson
J C Raye
Jeremy Megargee
S E Stone
Marvin Brown
Jessica Clem
Irina Slav
Hekter Kaztro
Garrett R Kirby
Gregory L Norris
Christine Stabile

ISBN: 9780998391359
Year of publication: 2017

DOWN WITH THE FALLEN: A POST-APOCALYPTIC HORROR ANTHOLOGY Edited by Jordon Greene To all those who think theyd survive the apocalypse and these three awesome ladies who helped make this anthology a reality: Sandra Farley Chelly Hoyle Peeler Kim Greene The Pack Rohit Sawant I contented myself with just looking in from the window. If I were alone, I wouldve ventured in. But I knew what my companion would make of it. I didnt want him spreading any more rumors about me. He already found me absurd to ...

Keywords: dystopian