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The Last Conversation

The Last Conversation

Paul Tremblay

ISBN: 9781542043632
Year of publication: 2019

Paul Tremblay THE LAST CONVERSATION 001 Your room is dark. You cannot see anything. You are lying in a bed. A sheet covers your body. You wiggle your fingers and toes, and the loud rasp of skin rubbing against the sheets is startling. With the slight movements there is pain. Your muscles and joints hum with it. Youve been awake and not-awake for days, maybe weeks, perhaps longer. You do not know where you were then, or before then. You are here now. A significant amount of time has passed, but ...

New Fears 2

New Fears 2

Tim Lebbon
John Langan
Steve Rasnic Tem
Gemma Files
Brian Hodge
Mark Morris
Brian Evenson
Stephen Volk
Alison Moore
Benjamin Percy
Robert Shearman
Ray Cluley
Priya Sharma
Kit Power
Laura Mauro
Tim Lucas
Catriona Ward
V H Leslie
Rio Youers
Aliya Whiteley
Paul Tremblay
Bracken MacLeod

ISBN: 9781785655531
Year of publication: 2018

NEW FEARS 2 Edited by Mark Morris INTRODUCTION So here we are again. For those of you who missed out on the original volume in this series, let me explain what New Fears is all about. As a child I grew up reading numerous anthologies of ghost and horror stories, and back in those halcyon days they were nearly all un-themed. Each book contained a delicious blend of stories both supernatural and non-supernatural, some of which would be gory, some subtle, some surreal, some sad, some funny In ...