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Harvey Jacobs Goobers For all his vast behind-the-screen experience, however, its clear that Harvey is a cineaste who loves the whole experience of going to the movies. In fact, he reports with dismay that some theaters have been trying recently to substitute Goobers with Planters or even peanut MeMs. While this may work for an audience raised on disposable diapers, says he, it will never succeed with true cinephiles. Witness the case of one such man and how those delicious Goobers a trademark ...

More Wandering Stars

More Wandering Stars

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ISBN: 1580230636
Year of publication: 2013

MORE WANDERING STARS AN ANTHOLOGY OF OUTSTANDING STORIES OF JEWISH FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Jack Dann With an Introduction by Isaac Asimov In memory of Edith N. Dann, who taught me everything important. INTRODUCTION The Hebrew Source Isaac Asimov Back in 1974, Jack Yankele Dann edited a book called Wandering Stars, which was a collection of stories of science fiction and fantasy with Jewish themes. When I heard that Yankele had this in his head, I marveled. Where, I asked myself, ...

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