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Zion's Fiction

Zion's Fiction

Lavie Tidhar
Gail Hareven
Sheldon Teitelbaum
Emanuel Lottem
Shimon Adaf
Pesach (Pavel) Amnuel
Rotem Baruchin
Yael Furman
Elana Gomel
Guy Hasson
Keren Landsman
Savyon Liebrecht
Nitay Peretz
Mordechai Sasson
Nava Semel
Gur Shomron
Eyal Teler
Nir Yaniv

ISBN: 9781942134534
Year of publication: 2018

ZIONS FICTION A TREASURY OF ISRAELI SPECULATIVE LITERATURE EDITED BY Sheldon Teitelbaum and Emanuel Lottem FOREWORD BY Robert Silverberg AFTERWORD BY Aharon Hauptman ILLUSTRATIONS BY Avi Katz To my wife, Lilith, and kids, Adam, Shiran, and Liam, for keeping my sense of wonder afloat to my mom, Roz, whose fortitude is something to behold to my late father, Harry, and to uncles, Jack and Ben ZTL, who would have had a hoot with this, and to Grand Master Bob, who bent space and opened portals. SHELI ...