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How Beer Saved the World

How Beer Saved the World

Irene Radford
G David Nordley
Phyllis Irene Radford
Brenda W Clough
Bob Brown
Nancy Jane Moore
Frog Jones
Esther Jones
Bruce Taylor
Mark J Ferrari
Shannon Page
Joyce Reynolds-Ward
Laurel Anne Hill
Clayton J Callahan
Barb Caffrey
Manny Frishberg
Chris Wong Sick Hong

ISBN: 9780615920115
Year of publication: 2013

HOW BEER SAVED THE WORLD An Esoteric Anthology Edited by Phyllis Irene Radford Introduction How Beer Saved the World Phyllis Irene Radford, Editor And on the eighth day God created Beer. Beer is what separates humans from animals unless you have too much beer. Seriously anthropologists, archeologist, and sociologist seem to think that when humans first emerged on earth as human they possessed fire, language, a sense of spirituality, and beer. Some nice folks at the Discovery Channel proved it. ...

Keywords: Humor Science Fiction