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Song of Summer

Song of Summer

Laura Lee Anderson

ISBN: 9781619637863
Year of publication: 2015

Song of Summer To Eric: You deserve much more than a book. And to Westfield, NY: This ones for you. Seven Weeks of Summer Left Chapter 1 Robin I just dont see why you couldnt make it work, Violet rasps. She pours Jell-O with the precision of someone measuring liquid explosives. Her long plastic fingernails shine red, white, and blue, the commemorative paint chipping from last weeks holiday. I smile and sigh. It wasnt my call, Vi, I say. I was all for making it work. He was not. I spin the stool ...

Keywords: Adoption Family Health & Daily Living Juvenile Fiction Juvenile Nonfiction Love & Romance Music Performing Arts Physical Impairments Social Issues Special Needs