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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Arthur C Clarke
Elizabeth Bear
Theodore Sturgeon
Robert Sheckley
Clark Ashton Smith
George RR Martin
Neal Asher
Sarah A Hoyt
Paul Ernst
Tony Daniel
James H Schmitz
Sarah Monette
Hank Davis
Peter Phillips

ISBN: 9781451639414
Year of publication: 2013

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream This one is for my brother, Charles Richard Davis, known to some as Richard, and to others as Charles, with whom I watched Shock Theater on Saturday nights in the late 1950s. Golden hours. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My thanks to all the contributors, as well as those who helped with advice, permissions, email addresses, and other kindnesses, including Andrew and Ann Dibben, Noel Sturgeon, William Dorman, Moshe Feder, David Drake, Barry Malzberg, Chris Lotts, Ann Behar, ...

Agent of Vega & Other Stories

Agent of Vega & Other Stories

James H Schmitz

ISBN: 0671318470
Year of publication: 2001

Agent of Vega Other Stories James H. Schmitz That was an epiphany. . . . Mercedes Lackey Theres a commercial on cable stations lately that talks about moments of epiphanymoments when you understand something that changes your life. Ive had at least one of those momentsand when it was over, my life had been changed forever. It was when, when I was eleven or thereabouts, I went looking in the living room for something to read. Now, in my house, books were everywhere and there was very little my ...