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Imagining Liberty: Volume 1

Imagining Liberty: Volume 1

Geoffrey Allan é
J P Medved
Matthew Alexander
Ahmed Khalifa
Michael DiBaggio
Jack McDonald Burnett
Alyssa Altadonna
Claude David
Oliver Fisher
Jaylan Phoenix
William Alan Ritch
Wendy Rodriguez
Richard Walsh

Year of publication: 2016

IMAGINING LIBERTY VOLUME 1 Edited by Geoffrey Allan Plauch, J.P. Medved, Matthew Alexander From the Editors This anthology is the result of a short story contest run as a collaboration between the Libertarian Fiction Authors association LFA and Students for Liberty SFL. It couldnt have happened without the hard work of our fellow editors, the generous donations of LFA members for prize money, and the promotion and organizational help of SFL. Additionally, a wide variety of other people and ...