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The Future Is Female!

The Future Is Female!

C L Moore
Ursula K Le Guin
Mildred Clingerman
Joanna Russ
Kate Wilhelm
Carol Emshwiller
Andrew North
Wilmar H Shiras
Kit Reed
Zenna Henderson
Leigh Brackett
Katherine MacLean
Lisa Yaszek
Clare Winger Harris
Leslie F Stone
Leslie Perri
Judith Merril
Margaret St Clair
Alice Eleanor Jones
Rosel George Brown
Elizabeth Mann Borgese
Doris Pitkin Buck
Alice Glaser
John Jay Wells
Marion Zimmer Bradle
Sonya Dorman
James Tiptree, Jr

ISBN: 9781598535808
Year of publication: 2018

25 CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION STORIES BY WOMEN, FROM PULP PIONEERS TO URSULA K. LE GUIN LISA YASZEK, EDITOR INTRODUCTION BY LISA YASZEK STORIES speculating about the future of science, technology, and society began to appear across the globe over the course of the nineteenth century. But science fiction SF only came into its own in the American SF magazines of the early and mid-twentieth century. Tantalizing readers with sensational cover art and even more sensational titles like Amazing Stories, ...

The Killer Thing

The Killer Thing

Kate Wilhelm

Year of publication: 1969

Kate Wilhelm THE KILLER THING One There was the desert, glittering white sand that shifted like talcum when touched, cottony white sky, a quarter of it glaring with the white heat of the sun. There was no wind, no movement anywhere not a grain of the powdery sand stirred. It looked like a blanket of white wool interwoven with silver threads in a random pattern, a blanket tossed down carelessly so that it rippled in smooth hills, all rising diagonally in a series. The cover stretched endlessly, ...

Let the Fire Fall

Let the Fire Fall

Kate Wilhelm

Year of publication: 1969

Kate Wilhelm LET THE FIRE FALL Chapter One ON the Ohio River at the curve where Cincinnati, the Queen City, was allowed to sprawl up and down hills, and more specifically, on the Kentucky side, where Covington snaked along the one highway up the steep hill flanked by two-storied frame buildings with dirty windows and heterogeneous shops that ran together and merged: Whiskey by the drink cleanerswhile u wait juvenile furniture drugs and sundries cafeteria fish sandwiches this is where it started. ...

Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds

Carrie Vaughn
Robert Silverberg
ín R Kiernan
John Joseph Adams
Neil Gaiman
Paolo Bacigalupi
James Morrow
Cory Doctorow
Orson Scott Card
Harlan Ellison
Geoff Ryman
Kim Stanley Robinson
Kate Wilhelm
Charles Coleman Finlay
Ross E Lockhart
Adam-Troy Castro
Genevieve Valentine
Sarah Langan
M Rickert
Tobias S Buckell
Alex Irvine
Ursula K Le Guin
Shirley Jackson
S L Gilbow
Joseph Paul Haines
Bryan Talbot
Matt Williamson
Heather Lindsley
Jeremiah Tolbert
Joe Mastroianni
Vylar Kaftan

ISBN: 9781597802215
Year of publication: 2011

BRAVE NEW WORLDS DYSTOPIAN STORIES For Christie Introduction by JOHN JOSEPH ADAMS Nineteen Eighty-Four, Fahrenheit 451, and, of course, the book this anthology is named forBrave New Worldare the cornerstones of dystopian literature in novel form, but there has never, to my knowledge, been an anthology collecting all the best, classic works of dystopian short fiction in one volume. This book aims to do exactly that, spanning from 1948 to the present day, from what is perhaps The classic dystopian ...

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games

Jonathan Lethem
Cory Doctorow
Robert Sheckley
Vernor Vinge
Gardner Dozois
William Browning Spencer
Kate Wilhelm
Jack Dann
Alastair Reynolds
Gwyneth Jones
Allen Steele
Terry Dowling
Jason Stoddard

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Jack Dann, Gardner Dozois, Robert Sheckley, Cory Doctorow, Kate Wilhelm, Alastair Reynolds, Vernor Vinge, Jonathan Lethem, Gwyneth Jones, William Browning Spencer, Allen Steele, Terry Dowling, Jason Stoddard Dangerous Games 2007 ACKNOWLEDGMENT IS MADE FOR PERMISSION TO REPRINT THE FOLLOWING MATERIAL: The Prize of Peril, by Robert Sheckley. Copyright 1958 by Mercury Press, Inc. First published in The Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction, May 1958. Reprinted by permission of the authors estate. ...

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang

Kate Wilhelm

ISBN: 0060146540
Year of publication: 1976

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm PART ONE Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Chapter 1 What David always hated most about the Sumner family dinners was the way everyone talked about him as if he were not there. Has he been eating enough meat lately He looks peaked. You spoil him, Carrie. If he wont eat his dinner, dont let him go out and play. You were like that, you know. When I was his age, I was husky enough to cut down a tree with a hatchet. He couldnt cut his way out of a fog. ...