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The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries

O Henry
Max Allan Collins
Edward D Hoch
Peter Robinson
Sara Paretsky
Peter Lovesey
Arthur Conan Doyle
Robert Louis Stevenson
Rex Stout
Isaac Asimov
Donald E Westlake
Agatha Christie
John D MacDonald
Mary Higgins Clark
Cyril Hare
Otto Penzler
Colin Dexter
Ed McBain
Andrew Klavan
Mary Roberts Rinehart
Ellery Queen
Ed Gorman
Fergus Hume
E W Hornung
Ron Goulart
Ngaio Marsh
Ellis Peters
John Lutz
Gillian Linscott
Thomas Hardy
Stanley Ellin
Bradford Morrow
Edgar Wallace
G K Chesterton
John Mortimer
Robert Barnard
Joseph Commings
Catherine Aird
Jonathan Santlofer
Marjorie Bowen
Henry Reymond Fitzwalter Keating
Dick Lochte
Doug Allyn
Barry Perowne
Joseph Shearing
Damon Runyon
Pat Frank
Julian Symons
Josephine Bell
Edmund Cox
Susan Moody
Meredith Nicholson
Norvell Page
S C Roberts
Will Scott
Peter Todd
Ethel Lina White

ISBN: 9780345802989
Year of publication: 2013

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries For Bradford Morrow An original and wonderful writer, a wise and valued friend Introduction by Otto Penzler It is no great profundity to exclaim that Christmas is the happiest time of the year for all but the most churlish, those who claim they cant wait for the season to be over because they hate the forced to them cheerfulness, the religious aspects of the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ though, of course, there is no biblical or other evidence to ...

101 Mystery Stories

101 Mystery Stories

O Henry
Martin H Greenberg
Lawrence Block
Edward D Hoch
Harry Kemelman
Leslie Charteris
Charles Dickens
Jack London
Isaac Asimov
Donald E Westlake
Henry Slesar
Edward Wellen
Barry N Malzberg
Frank R Stockton
John D MacDonald
Ed McBain
Edgar Allan Poe
Melville Davisson Post
Anna Katharine Green
Erle Stanley Gardner
Cornell Woolrich
William Campbell Gault
Ellery Queen
Bill Pronzini
Marcia Muller
Ron Goulart
Robert Bloch
Julie Smith
Susan Dunlap
Fredric Brown
John Lutz
Alexandre Dumas
Gil Brewer
Evan Hunter
Robert Edmond Alter
Michael Collins
Brian Garfield
James Holding
Craig Rice
Dion Henderson
Jack Ritchie
Fletcher Flora
Joe L Hensley
Arthur Porges
Katherine Mansfield
Guy de Maupassant
Robert J Randisi
George Harmon Coxe
Hal Ellson
Jonathan Craig
Michael Gilbert
Clark Howard
Robert L Fish
Joyce Harrington
Francis M Nevins, Jr
Nedra Tyre
Talmage Powell
Georges Simenon
Percy Spurlark Parker
Anton Chekhov
Hal Dresner
Morris Hershman
R L Stevens
John F Suter
Betty Ren Wright
Dwight V Babcock
Stephen Crane
H A DeRosso
Thomas B Dewey
Jack Foxx
Marilyn Granbeck
Len Gray
Edward Hunsburger
John Jakes
William Jeffrey
Stephen Marlowe
Arthur Moore
Richard A Moore
Helen Nielsen
Frank Sisk
Julian Symons
Jeffrey M Wallmann
Charlene Weir

ISBN: 9780517603611
Year of publication: 1986

101 Mystery Stories Acknowledgments MacDonald THERE HANGS DEATH Copyright 1949 by United Newspaper Magazines Corporation copyright renewed 1977 by John D. MacDonald. Reprinted by permission of the author. Brown Copyright 1940 by Popular Publications, Inc. copyright renewed 1968 by Fredric Brown. Reprinted by permission of International Creative Management. Westlake Copyright 1967 by Donald E. Westlake. First appeared in ELLERY QUEENS MYSTERY MAGAZINE. Reprinted by permission of the author. ...

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Vol. 39, No. 13, Mid-December 1994

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. Vol. 39, No. 13, Mid-December 1994

S J Rozan
Ron Goulart
Nancy Bartholomew
Stephen Wasylyk
Cathleen Jordan
Jas R Petrin
Brenda Melton Burnham
Dan Crawford
Sherrard Gray
Clyde Haywood
Geoffrey Hitchcock
Bobby Lee
Ken Lester
Robert Loy
Maude Miller
Frank Snyder

ISBN: 00025224
Year of publication: 1994

Alfred Hitchcocks Mystery Magazine. Vol. 39, No. 13, Mid-December 1994 Editors Notes About a year ago, in AHMMs December 1993 issue, we published a story called Nobody Wins by Charles Ardai. We are pleased to let you know that the story has been nominated for a Shamus Award for Best P.I. Short Story of 1993, given by the Private Eye Writers of America PWA. The PWA awards will be announced at Bouchercon in October we will bring you the complete list of nominees and winners in all categories in ...

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Vol. 127, No. 5. Whole No. 777, May 2006

Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. Vol. 127, No. 5. Whole No. 777, May 2006

Edward D Hoch
Peter Tremayne
Ron Goulart
Martin Edwards
Lou Manfredo
Judith Cutler
Peter Turnbull
Chris Simms
Janet Hutchings
James Powell
Paul Halter
Helen Tucker
Jerry Sykes

ISBN: 00136328
Year of publication: 2006

Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine. Vol. 127, No.5. Whole No. 777,May 2006 Shaping the Ends by Judith Cutler Judith Cutler is the author of two acclaimed series of crime novels set in Birmingham, England. One stars amateur sleuth Sophie Rivers, the other Inspector Kate Power who lives up to her name. A third protagonist will soon join these two successful Cutler creations watch for painter and decorator turned amateur detective Caffy Tyler. Ms. Cutlers most recent novel, Scar Tissue, was published ...

My Pal Clunky

My Pal Clunky

Ron Goulart

Year of publication: 1998

My Pal Clunky by Ron Goulart Illustration by Shirley Chan He and the dog sneezed simultaneously. God bless, muttered the dog. Ridge Gilby took a step back from the work bench. Hey, my DogBots arent supposed to sneeze, he said, frowning. The large chrome-plated robot dog was lying on its side, the panel in its midsection dangling open to allow access to the inner circuitry. Well, thats one of the reasons Mr. Dannenberg returned me for this free overhaul. Rubbing the plaz handle of the ...

Suicide, Inc

Suicide, Inc

Ron Goulart

Year of publication: 0

Ron Goulart Suicide, Inc Copyright 1985 by Ron Goulart. CHAPTER 1 Smith was recruited first. That was in an alley. The alley was narrow and quirky, thick with misty shadows and rich with foul smells. It angled along behind a nameless saloon and dead-ended against a mildew-streaked brix wall. This particular alley was in Deadzone 22 in the capital city of the largest territory on the planet Barnum, but Jared Smith had encountered similar problems in other alleys all across the Barnum System and ...

Full MoonCity

Full MoonCity

Carrie Vaughn
Peter S Beagle
Gene Wolfe
Tanith Lee
Mike Resnick
Darrell Schweitzer
Ian Watson
Esther M Friesner
Holly Black
Martin Harry Greenberg
Lisa Tuttle
Holly Phillips
P D Cacek
Ron Goulart
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Gregory Frost

Year of publication: 0

Darrell Schweitzer, Martin Harry Greenberg, Lisa Tuttle, Gene Wolfe, Carrie Vaughn, Esther M. Friesner, Tanith Lee, Holly Phillips, Mike Resnick, P. D. Cacek, Holly Black, Ian Watson, Ron Goulart, Darrell Schweitzer, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Gregory Frost, Peter S. Beagle Full MoonCity 2010 Compilation copyright 2010 by Tekno Books and Darrell Schweitzer Introduction copyright 2010 by Darrell Schweitzer The Truth About Werewolves copyright 2010 by Lisa Tuttle Innocent copyright 2010 by Gene ...