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Lightspeed: Year One

Lightspeed: Year One

Carrie Vaughn
Stephen Baxter
Stephen King
Robert Silverberg
Nnedi Okorafor
ín R Kiernan
Tanith Lee
Joe Haldeman
Joe R Lansdale
John Joseph Adams
Geoffrey A Landis
Nancy Kress
George R R Martin
Bruce Sterling
Jack McDevitt
Orson Scott Card
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Ursula K Le Guin
James Patrick Kelly
Alastair Reynolds
Tananarive Due
Adam-Troy Castro
Catherynne M Valente
Genevieve Valentine
Sarah Langan
Tobias S Buckell
Carol Emshwiller
Anne McCaffrey
Ted Kosmatka
Robert Reed
John R Fultz
Susan Palwick
Vylar Kaftan
David Tallerman
David Barr Kirtley
Yoon Ha Lee
Alice Sola Kim
Julie E Czerneda
Cat Rambo
Charles Yu
Corey Mariani
Ken Liu
Maggie Clark
An Owomoyela
Tom Crosshill
Eric Gregory
Tessa Mellas

ISBN: 9781607013044
Year of publication: 2011

LIGHTSPEED Year One Edited by John Joseph Adams Cover art by Vitaly Alexius Samarin For the Lightspeed Team, without whom none of this would have been possible. INTRODUCTION by John Joseph Adams Welcome to Lightspeed: Year One For those of you not already familiar with Lightspeed, some background may be in order: Lightspeed is an online magazine that focuses exclusively on science fiction. Within its pages or pixels, as it were, you will find all types of science ...

Brave New Worlds

Brave New Worlds

Carrie Vaughn
Robert Silverberg
ín R Kiernan
John Joseph Adams
Neil Gaiman
Paolo Bacigalupi
James Morrow
Cory Doctorow
Orson Scott Card
Harlan Ellison
Geoff Ryman
Kim Stanley Robinson
Kate Wilhelm
Charles Coleman Finlay
Ross E Lockhart
Adam-Troy Castro
Genevieve Valentine
Sarah Langan
M Rickert
Tobias S Buckell
Alex Irvine
Ursula K Le Guin
Shirley Jackson
S L Gilbow
Joseph Paul Haines
Bryan Talbot
Matt Williamson
Heather Lindsley
Jeremiah Tolbert
Joe Mastroianni
Vylar Kaftan

ISBN: 9781597802215
Year of publication: 2011

BRAVE NEW WORLDS DYSTOPIAN STORIES For Christie Introduction by JOHN JOSEPH ADAMS Nineteen Eighty-Four, Fahrenheit 451, and, of course, the book this anthology is named forBrave New Worldare the cornerstones of dystopian literature in novel form, but there has never, to my knowledge, been an anthology collecting all the best, classic works of dystopian short fiction in one volume. This book aims to do exactly that, spanning from 1948 to the present day, from what is perhaps The classic dystopian ...

The Living Dead 2

The Living Dead 2

Kelley Armstrong
Simon R Green
John Joseph Adams
Cherie Priest
David Moody
Kelly Link
David Wellington
Charles Coleman Finlay
Max Brooks
Jonathan Maberry
Robert Kirkman
Steven Barnes
Tananarive Due
Paula R Stiles
Adam-Troy Castro
Karina Sumner-Smith
Matt London
Marc Paoletti
Molly Brown
Seth Lindberg
Walter Greatshell
Jamie Lackey
David J Schow
Brian Keene
Amelia Beamer
Steven Popkes
Barr Kirtley
Brenna Yovanoff
Mira Grant
Gary A Braunbeck
Mark McLaughlin
Kyra M Schon
S G Browne
Bret Hammond
Bob Fingerman
Scott Edelman
Rory Harper
Paul McAuley
Joe McKinney
Carrie Ryan
Kim Paffenroth
R J Sevin
Julia Sevin
Catherine MacLeod
Steven Gould
Catherynne M Valente
Genevieve Valentine
John Skipp
Cody Goodfellow
Sarah Langan

Year of publication: 0

John Joseph Adams, Robert Kirkman, Steven Barnes, Tananarive Due, Paula R. Stiles, Adam-Troy Castro, Karina Sumner-Smith, Matt London, Marc Paoletti, Molly Brown, Seth Lindberg, Walter Greatshell, Jamie Lackey, David J. Schow, David Wellington, Brian Keene, Amelia Beamer, Steven Popkes, Barr Kirtley, Brenna Yovanoff, Max Brooks, Charles Coleman Finlay, Mira Grant, Gary A. Braunbeck, Cherie Priest, Mark McLaughlin, Kyra M. Schon, S. G. Browne, Bret Hammond, Bob Fingerman, Kelly Link, Scott ...