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Bewere the Night

Bewere the Night

Cherie Priest
Ekaterina Sedia
Richard Bowes
Holly Black
Genevieve Valentine
Nick Mamatas
Elizabeth Hand
Maria V Snyder
Kaaron Warren
Lavie Tidhar
Sandra McDonald
Marie Brennan
Stephanie Burgis
Jen White
A C Wise
Nadia Bulkin
Seth Cadin
Gwendolyn Clare
Leah R Cutter
Renee Carter Hall
Carlos Hernandez
Erica Hildebrand
Justin Howe
Carrie Laben
Marissa Lingen
Mario Milosevic
Michelle Muenzler
Vandana Singh
Aaron Sterns
Melissa Yuan-Innes

ISBN: 9781607012528
Year of publication: 2011

BEWERE THE NIGHT edited by Ekaterina Sedia To those who cannot keep one shape Introduction After editing Running with the Pack, I was a tad apprehensive about taking on another shape-shifter anthology. Sure, its more than just werewolves, I reasoned, but how many variations on a theme can there be The metaphor was, to me, obvious: violence and wildness, the humans animal nature hidden by a thin civilized veneer a theme as old as storytelling. As it turned out, I should never have worried. The ...

Future Lovecraft

Future Lovecraft

Paula R Stiles
Nick Mamatas
Don Webb
Molly Tanzer
Mari Ness
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Ann K Schwader
Peter Rawlik
Bobby Cranestone
Michael Matheson
Luso Mnthali
Ada Hoffmann
Kelda Crich
Paul Jessup
Martha Hubbard
Helen Marshall
Randy Stafford
Julio Toro San Martin
A D Cahill
Nelly Geraldine ía-Rosas
Robyn Seale
Jen White
A C Wise
Anthony Boulanger
Mae Empson
Pamela Rentz
Leigh Kimmel
E Catherine Tobler
James S Dorr
Meddy Ligner
Clark Zumpe
Tucker Cummings
Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso
Andrew Dombalagian
Bryan Thao Worra
Orrin Grey
Sean Craven
Arlene J Yandug

Year of publication: 0

Future Lovecraft edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles Cover illustration: Markus Vogt Interior illustrations: In the Hall of the Yellow King and The Library Twins and the Nekrobees by Nacho Molina Parra and Dolly in the Window and The Kadath Angle by Chadwick Saint John Cover and interior design: Silvia Moreno-Garcia INTRODUCTION: THE FUTURE IS LOVECRAFT H.P. LOVECRAFT IS not generally considered a writer of science fiction, even though he had a personal interest in the sciences ...

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil

Stephen King
Jeffrey Ford
Elizabeth Bear
Neil Gaiman
James Morrow
Theodore Sturgeon
Michael Chabon
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mark Twain
Charles Stross
Sarah Zettel
John Collier
China éville
Kelly Link
Scott Westerfeld
Holly Black
Tim Pratt
Andy Duncan
Richard Butner
Charles de Lint
Natalie Babbitt
Elizabeth M Glover
Jan Wildt
Jay Lake
Robert Bloch
David Ackert
Benjamin Rosenbaum
Nick Mamatas
Kage Baker
Carrie Richerson
Kris Dikeman
Scott Bradfield
John Kessel
Jonathan Carroll
David J Schwartz
Dante Alighieri

Year of publication: 0

Tim Pratt, Neil Gaiman, Andy Duncan, Richard Butner, Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Stephen King, Natalie Babbitt, Sarah Zettel, Mark Twain, Elizabeth M. Glover, Charles Stross, Scott Westerfeld, Jan Wildt, James Morrow, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Jeffrey Ford, Robert Bloch, Michael Chabon, David Ackert, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Nick Mamatas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Kage Baker, Carrie Richerson, Kris Dikeman, Kelly Link, China Miville, Scott Bradfield, John Kessel, Theodore Sturgeon, Jonathan Carroll, ...