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Mama Bruise

Mama Bruise

Jonathan Carroll

ISBN: 9781250312419
Year of publication: 2019

Jonathan Carroll MAMA BRUISE She was the first to fall. As she walked the dog one night, it saw something off to the side and bolted. The strength of the big animals lunge on the leash spun her violently around and she lost her balance. Falling into that awful moment weve all known, the I cant stop this moment, her only thought was: Not my head. Not my head But the drop was brutal and when she went down her head hit the curbstone. Luckily she wore a thick woolen cap, so the blow was softened. ...

Voice of our Shadow

Voice of our Shadow

Jonathan Carroll

ISBN: 0670492402
Year of publication: 1984

Jonathan Carroll Voice or our Shadow FOR MY FATHER Then it is yours. I pray you accept it. My pleasure, sir. My very great pleasure. A look of glass stops you And you walk on shaken: was I the perceived Did they notice me, this time, as I am, Or is it postponed again John Ashbery, As One Put Drunk into the Packet Boat PART ONE 1 Formori, Greece At night here I often dream of my parents. They are good dreams and I wake happy and refreshed, although nothing very important happens in them. We will ...

The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2012

The Year's Best Science Fiction & Fantasy, 2012

Karen Joy Fowler
Neil Gaiman
Bradley Denton
Kelly Link
George Saunders
Margo Lanagan
Kij Johnson
Rachel Swirsky
Paul McAuley
Catherynne M Valente
Genevieve Valentine
K J Parker
Jonathan Carroll
Robert Reed
Suzy McKee Charnas
Lavie Tidhar
Theodora Goss
Vylar Kaftan
Yoon Ha Lee
John Barnes
Chris Lawson
Marissa Lingen
Rich Horton
Alan DeNiro
Alexandra Duncan
Gavin J Grant
Nina Allan
Kat Howard
C SE Cooney
E Lily Yu

ISBN: 9781607013440
Year of publication: 2012

THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY: 2012 EDITION Edited by Rich Horton For my daughter Melissa, on the occasion of her graduation Summa Cum Laude from Clemson University. Contents Introduction, Rich Horton Ghostweight, Yoon Ha Lee The Sandal-Bride, Genevieve Valentine The Adakian Eagle, Bradley Denton The Sighted Watchmaker, Vylar Kaftan The Girl Who Ruled Fairyland, For a Little While, Catherynne M. Valente Walking Stick Fires, Alan DeNiro Late Bloomer, Suzy McKee Charnas The Choice, Paul ...

Sympathy for the Devil

Sympathy for the Devil

Stephen King
Jeffrey Ford
Elizabeth Bear
Neil Gaiman
James Morrow
Theodore Sturgeon
Michael Chabon
Robert Louis Stevenson
Mark Twain
Charles Stross
Sarah Zettel
John Collier
China éville
Kelly Link
Scott Westerfeld
Holly Black
Tim Pratt
Andy Duncan
Richard Butner
Charles de Lint
Natalie Babbitt
Elizabeth M Glover
Jan Wildt
Jay Lake
Robert Bloch
David Ackert
Benjamin Rosenbaum
Nick Mamatas
Kage Baker
Carrie Richerson
Kris Dikeman
Scott Bradfield
John Kessel
Jonathan Carroll
David J Schwartz
Dante Alighieri

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Tim Pratt, Neil Gaiman, Andy Duncan, Richard Butner, Charles de Lint, Holly Black, Stephen King, Natalie Babbitt, Sarah Zettel, Mark Twain, Elizabeth M. Glover, Charles Stross, Scott Westerfeld, Jan Wildt, James Morrow, Elizabeth Bear, Jay Lake, Jeffrey Ford, Robert Bloch, Michael Chabon, David Ackert, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Nick Mamatas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Kage Baker, Carrie Richerson, Kris Dikeman, Kelly Link, China Miville, Scott Bradfield, John Kessel, Theodore Sturgeon, Jonathan Carroll, ...