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More Wandering Stars

More Wandering Stars

Isaac Asimov
Harlan Ellison
Barry N Malzberg
Jack Dann
Joe W Haldeman
Phyllis Gotlieb
Horace L Gold
Mel Gilden
Harvey Jacobs
Hugh Nissenson
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Howard Schwartz

ISBN: 1580230636
Year of publication: 2013

MORE WANDERING STARS AN ANTHOLOGY OF OUTSTANDING STORIES OF JEWISH FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Jack Dann With an Introduction by Isaac Asimov In memory of Edith N. Dann, who taught me everything important. INTRODUCTION The Hebrew Source Isaac Asimov Back in 1974, Jack Yankele Dann edited a book called Wandering Stars, which was a collection of stories of science fiction and fantasy with Jewish themes. When I heard that Yankele had this in his head, I marveled. Where, I asked myself, ...

Keywords: Anthology Jewish anthologies Jewish fantasy Jewish fiction Jewish literature Jewish science fiction Jewish short stories
The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century

The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century

Arthur C Clarke
Walter Jon Williams
David Drake
Poul Anderson
Cordwainer Smith
George R R Martin
Orson Scott Card
Philip K Dick
Gregory Benford
Harry Turtledove
Joe W Haldeman
C J Cherryh
Anne McCaffrey

ISBN: 9780345494290
Year of publication: 2001

The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century An anthology of stories edited by Martin H Greenberg and Harry Turtledove INTRODUCTION Harry Turtledove Sing, goddess, of the accursed rage of Akhilleus Son of Peleus, which gave pain to countless Akhaioi, Sent the many sturdy souls of warriors to Hades, and left their bodies as spoil for all the dogs And birds of prey. HOMER, ILIAD 1.15 It is well that war is so terrible, or we should grow too fond of it. ROBERT E. LEE HERE AT THE DAWN of ...