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The Best American Mystery Stories 2004

The Best American Mystery Stories 2004

Stephen King
Nelson DeMille
Joyce Carol Oates
Otto Penzler
Jeff Abbott
Jonathon King
Richard A Lupoff
Scott Wolven
Angela Zeman
Richard Lange
Dick Lochte
Timothy Williams
Rob Kantner
Jeffrey Robert Bowman
William J Carroll, Jr
Benjamin Cavell
Christopher Coake
Patrick Michael Finn
Michael Knight
Tom Larsen
Jack ’Connell
Frederick Waterman

ISBN: 9780618329687
Year of publication: 2004

The Best American Mystery Stories 2004 These stories are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Bet on Red by Jeff Abbott. First published in High Stakes. Copyright 2003 by Jeff Abbott. Reprinted by permission of the author. Stonewalls by Jeffrey Robert Bowman. First published in The Chattahoochee Review, ...

Shadows over Baker Street

Shadows over Baker Street

Elizabeth Bear
ín R Kiernan
Tim Lebbon
Barbara Hambly
Neil Gaiman
Steve Perry
David Niall Wilson
Brian Stableford
James Lowder
Poppy Z Brite
Richard A Lupoff
Simon Clark
F Gwynplaine MacIntyre
Paul Finch
Michael Reaves
Steven-Elliot Altman
David Ferguson
John Pelan
John P Vourlis
Patricia Lee Macomber

Year of publication: 2003

Shadows over Baker Street Edited by Michael Reaves and John Pelan As always, for Kathy . . . For Art Cover and Lydia Marano. M. R. And for Jennifer, thanks for making this happen. J. P. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. H. P. Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu INTRODUCTION The ...

The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries

The Mammoth Book of Perfect Crimes and Impossible Mysteries

Edward D Hoch
J A Konrath
Peter Tremayne
Bill Pronzini
Robert Weinberg
Richard A Lupoff
Gillian Linscott
Mike Ashley
Peter Crowther
Will Murray
Mary Reed
Eric Mayer
William Brittain
Bernard Knight
William F Smith
Joseph Commings
Vincent Cornier
Douglas Newton
Laird Long
John Basye Price
Robert Randisi
Max Rittenberg
William Le Queux
H Edward Hunsburger
Lois Gresh
Arthur Porges
C Daly King
William Krohn
Peter Godfrey
Forrest Rosaire
Barry Longyear

Year of publication: 0

Mike Ashley, William F. Smith, Joseph Commings, Mary Reed, Eric Mayer, Gillian Linscott, Vincent Cornier, Peter Crowther, Douglas Newton, William Brittain, Laird Long, John Basye Price, Edward D. Hoch, Robert Randisi, Max Rittenberg, William Le Queux, Will Murray, J. A. Konrath, H. Edward Hunsburger, Lois Gresh, Robert Weinberg, Arthur Porges, Richard A. Lupoff, C. Daly King, William Krohn, Peter Tremayne, Peter Godfrey, Forrest Rosaire, Bill Pronzini, Barry Longyear, Bernard Knight The Mammoth ...

The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries And Impossible Crimes

The Mammoth Book of Locked-Room Mysteries And Impossible Crimes

Lawrence Block
Edward D Hoch
Amy Myers
Peter Tremayne
Peter Lovesey
Jacques Futrelle
Melville Davisson Post
John Dickson Carr
Clayton Rawson
Bill Pronzini
Edward Marston
Robert Weinberg
Richard A Lupoff
Mike Ashley
Lois H Gresh
H R F Keating
Martin Edwards
Michael Kurland
Kate Ellis
Margaret Frazer
Lynne Wood Block
Michael Collins
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
C N Williamson
A M Williamson
Marilyn Todd
William Brittain
Peter T Garratt
Susanna Gregory
Howel Evans
Frank M Robinson

Year of publication: 0

Mike Ashley, Martin Edwards, Kate Ellis, Margaret Frazer, John Dickson Carr, Michael Kurland, Edward D. Hoch, Lois H. Gresh, Robert Weinberg, Lynne Wood Block, Lawrence Block, Michael Collins, Clayton Rawson, Amy Myers, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Melville Davisson Post, C. N. Williamson, A. M. Williamson, Jacques Futrelle, Peter Tremayne, Bill Pronzini, Marilyn Todd, William Brittain, H. R. F. Keating, Peter T. Garratt, Richard A. Lupoff, Susanna Gregory, Howel Evans, Frank M. Robinson, Edward ...

The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction

The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction

Anne Perry
Peter Tremayne
Charles Todd
Tom Holt
Steven Saylor
Richard A Lupoff
Mike Ashley
Maan Meyers
Deirdre Counihan
Dorothy Lumley
Ian Morson
Tony Pollard
Mary Reed
Eric Mayer

ISBN: 9781849017312
Year of publication: 2011

The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction INTRODUCTION Return to the Crime Scene The stories in this anthology cover over four thousand years of crime. We travel from the Bronze Age of 2300 BC to the eve of the Second World War, passing through ancient Greece and Rome, the Byzantine Empire, medieval Venice and seventh-century Ireland, before heading for Britain and the United States. All except one of these stories are brand new, written especially for this anthology. This is my fifteenth ...

Cthulhu's Reign

Cthulhu's Reign

Ian Watson
Laird Barron
Mike Allen
Brian Stableford
John Langan
Gregory Frost
Jay Lake
Richard A Lupoff
Darrel Schweitzer
Don Webb
Ken Asamatsu
Will Murray
Matt Cardin
John R Fultz
Fred Chappell

ISBN: 9781101186718
Year of publication: 2010

Darrell Schweitzer Cthulhus Reign Acknowledgments Introduction copyright 2010 by Darrell Schweitzer The Walker in the Cemetery, copyright 2010 by Ian Watson Sanctuary, copyright 2010 by Don Webb Her Acres of Pastoral Playground, copyright 2010 by Mike Allen Spherical Trigonometry, copyright 2010 by Ken Asamatsu. English translation 2010 Edward Lipsett. What Brings the Void, copyright 2010 by Will Murray The New Pauline Corpus, copyright 2010 by Matt Cardin Ghost Dancing, copyright 2010 ...

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 13

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror. Volume 13

Tanith Lee
Kelly Link
Christopher Fowler
Glen Hirshberg
Paul McAuley
Stephen Jones
Chico Kidd
Ramsey Campbell
Douglas Smith
Poppy Z Brite
Dennis Etchison
Lynda E Rucker
Graham Joyce
Donald R Burleson
Gala Blau
Joel Lane
Richard A Lupoff
Thomas Ligotti
Charles L Grant
Muriel Gray
Michael Chislett
Conrad Williams
Elizabeth Hand
Kim Newman

ISBN: 1841195405
Year of publication: 2002

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13 INTRODUCTION Horror in 2001 In 2001, book sales in the uk were boosted by the success of the Harry Potter series to more than 1 billion. Almost 130 million titles were sold by booksellers, although a higher proportion of books are now purchased over the Internet. Horror titles were up in America for the first time since the mid-1990s. However, the number of horror books published in Britain dropped to its lowest since the late 1980s and, according to The ...