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The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack

The Fourth Science Fiction Megapack

Murray Leinster
Theodore Sturgeon
Isaac Asimov
Philip K Dick
Henry Kuttner
Harry Harrison
Ayn Rand
John Gregory Betancourt
Edgar Pangborn
Mary A Turzillo
Donald A Wollheim
E C Tubb
Marissa Lingen
Katherine MacLean
Ray Cluley
Milton Lesser
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr
Jason Andrew
Larry Hodges
Carmelo á
Cynthia Ward
George H Scithers
James C Stewart
John Russell Fearn
James K Moran

ISBN: 9781434448811
Year of publication: 2012

THE FOURTH SCIENCE FICTION MEGAPACK 25 MODERN AND CLASSIC SCIENCE FICTION STORIES ZORA AND THE LAND ETHIC NOMADS, by Mary A. Turzillo Zora let them in, of course. How many friends do you have when you live in the Martian arctic And they were friends, after all, despite their smell days, weeks, in an environment suit did not improve the cheesy odor their bootliners emitted. They seemed more like friends because they were young, just kids, like her. In fact they seemed even younger than Zora. None ...

Keywords: dystopia utopia
Tails of Wonder and Imagination

Tails of Wonder and Imagination

Stephen King
Jeffrey Ford
Peter S Beagle
Lawrence Block
Tanith Lee
Sharyn McCrumb
Neil Gaiman
George R R Martin
Lewis Carroll
Michael Bishop
Kelly Link
Joyce Carol Oates
Susanna Clarke
Carole Nelson Douglas
Ellen Datlow
Nicholas Royle
Lucius Shepard
Michael Marshall Smith
Nancy Springer
Catherynne M Valente
Charles de Lint
John Kessel
Carol Emshwiller
Graham Joyce
Elizabeth Hand
Kaaron Warren
John Crowley
Theodora Goss
Mary A Turzillo
Reggie Oliver
Jack Ketchum
A R Morlan
Ray Vukcevich
Michaela Roessner
Nancy Etchemendy
Edward Bryant
David Sandner
Lucy Sussex
Christine Lucas
Daniel Wynn Barber
Dennis Danvers

ISBN: 9781597801706
Year of publication: 2010

TAILS OF WONDER AND IMAGINATION Cat Stories Edited by Ellen Datlow INTRODUCTION Ellen Datlow Acknowledgments: I would like to thank Daniel Braum, Dave Hinchberger, Jacob Weisman, John Joseph Adams, John Kessel, George Scithers, Colleen Kelly, Eleanor Lang, Charles Tan, Gord Sellar, and Richard Bowes for their recommendations and encouragement. What is it about cats Why do they lend themselves to fiction so easily There have been numerous anthologies of cat stories, several of them multi-volume ...

Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror

Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror

Tanith Lee
Nancy Kilpatrick
Christopher Fowler
Nicholas Royle
Peter Straub
Michael Marshall Smith
Lisa Tuttle
Gregory Frost
Gwyneth Jones
David J Schow
Stephen Jones
Ramsey Campbell
Dennis Etchison
Joel Lane
Kim Newman
Chaz Brenchley
Graham Masterton
David Sutton
Melanie Tem
Brian Hodge
Eric Brown
C Bruce Hunter
Roberta Lannes
Cherry Wilder
Mary A Turzillo
Brian M Stableford
Mick Garris
ín Kiernan
William B Trotter
Gahan Wilson
David Case
Richard Christian Matheson
James Van Pelt

ISBN: 0575070498
Year of publication: 2000

Dark Terrors 5: The Gollancz Book of Horror Edited By Stephen Jones David Sutton INTRODUCTION It is another dark and stormy night and for many of us, there is nothing more welcome than getting comfortable with a big book of stories specifically designed to induce the hairs on the back of our neck to stand on end and make our flesh creep. The horror genre has a long and proud tradition of weighty tomes of terror, ranging from Dashiell Hammetts Creeps By Night, J.M. Parrish and John R. Crosslands ...