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Wandering Stars

Wandering Stars

Robert Silverberg
Bernard Malamud
Robert Sheckley
Isaac Asimov
Harlan Ellison
William Tenn
Pamela Sargent
Jack Dann
Avram Davidson
Horace L Gold
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Carol Carr
Geo Alec Effinger

ISBN: 9781580230056
Year of publication: 2013

WANDERING STARS AN ANTHOLOGY OF JEWISH FANTASY SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Jack Dann To my mother Edith N. Dann, who still makes the best chicken soup. Acknowledgments The editor would like to thank the following people for their help and ideas: Rabbi David S. Boros George Zebrowski Gardner Dozois Joe W. Haldeman Harry Altshuler and, of course, Victoria Schochet. INTRODUCTION Why Me Isaac Asimov When I was asked to do the introduction to this collection, that was the question I asked. Why me One ...

Keywords: Anthology Jewish anthologies Jewish fantasy Jewish fiction Jewish literature Jewish science fiction Jewish short stories
The Natural

The Natural

Bernard Malamud

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Bernard Malamud The Natural For My Father Pre-game Roy Hobbs pawed at the glass before thinking to prick a match with his thumbnail and hold the spurting flame in his cupped palm close to the lower berth window, but by then he had figured it was a tunnel they were passing through and was no longer surprised at the bright sight of himself holding a yellow light over his head, peering back in. As the train yanked its long tail out of the thundering tunnel, the kneeling reflection dissolved and he ...