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The Year's Best Horror Stories 11

The Year's Best Horror Stories 11

Richard Laymon
Karl Edward Wagner
M John Harrison
Ramsey Campbell
Dennis Etchison
Al Sarrantonio
Jeffrey Goddin
Frances Garfield
John Alfred Taylor
Sheila Hodgson
David Campton
Michael Kube-McDowell
David G Rowlands
Lawrence C Connolly
Manly Wade Wellman
Thomas F Monteleone
Donald Tyson

ISBN: 0879978783
Year of publication: 1983

THE YEARS BEST HORROR STORIES XI Edited by Karl Edward Wagner To Dennis Etchison whether hoax or conspiracy, the motives as much in conjecture as the means but we must treat with the realities, despite what we are meant to believe: James Dean has been recognized strolling along North Beverly Glen Boulevard, secure behind beard and sunglasses need I say it: Porsche and the certainty of our disbelief. Kent Allard, Drive-Thru Fiction Horror is enjoying a period of unparalleled popularity. Horror ...

The Year's Best Horror Stories 18

The Year's Best Horror Stories 18

David Drake
F Paul Wilson
Karl Edward Wagner
Nicholas Royle
M John Harrison
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Brian Lumley
Jack Dann
David J Schow
David Langford
Ramsey Campbell
Joel Lane
Simon Clark
W H Pugmire
Wayne Allen Sallee
Scott D Yost
A F Kidd
T Winter-Damon
Patrick McLeod
Simon MacCulloch
Jeffrey Goddin
D F Lewis
Ian McDowell
Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Bruce Bostin
Roger Frazier

ISBN: 0886774462
Year of publication: 1990

The Years Best Horror Stories: XVIII Kaddish by Jack Dann. Copyright 1989 by Davis Publications, Inc. for Isaac Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine, April 1989. Reprinted by permission of the author. The Gravediggers Tale by Simon Clark. Copyright 1988 by Newsfield Limited and John Gilbert for Fear, JanuaryFebruary 1989. Reprinted by permission of the author. Meeting the Author by Ramsey Campbell. Copyright 1989 by Ramsey Campbell for Interzone 28. Reprinted by permission of the author. Buckets ...