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The Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 29

The Year's Best Science Fiction, Volume 29

Stephen Baxter
Pat Cadigan
Elizabeth Bear
Maureen F McHugh
Peter S Beagle
Michael Swanwick
Ian McDonald
Ken MacLeod
Gardner Dozois
Michael F Flynn
Geoff Ryman
Karl Schroeder
Alastair Reynolds
Gwyneth Jones
Kij Johnson
Paul McAuley
Catherynne M Valente
Jay Lake
Tobias S Buckell
Ian R MacLeod
Robert Reed
Lavie Tidhar
Damien Broderick
Yoon Ha Lee
Carolyn Ives Gilman
David Moles
John Barnes
Paul Cornell
Dave Hutchinson
Tom Purdom
David Klecha
Jim Hawkins
Alec Nevala-Lee
Peter M Ball
Chris Lawson

ISBN: 9781250003546
Year of publication: 2012

THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION Twenty-Ninth Annual Collection Edited by Gardner Dozois Summation: 2011 Like last year, the big story in 2011 continues to be the explosion in e-book sales, which have been dramatic enough, and accrued fast enough, to make some commentators speculate that e-books will eventually drive physical print books out of existence altogether. I dont think thats going to happen anytime soon, if it ever does, but the e-book revolution has been impressive nevertheless, and ...



Robert J Sawyer
James Alan Gardner
Robert Silverberg
John Joseph Adams
George R R Martin
Orson Scott Card
Harry Turtledove
Kevin J Anderson
Doug Beason
Trent Hergenrader
Alastair Reynolds
Allen Steele
Catherynne M Valente
Genevieve Valentine
Anne McCaffrey
L E Modesitt
John C Wright
Mary Rosenblum
S L Gilbow
Jeremiah Tolbert
Lois McMaster Bujold
K Tempest Bradford
George Guthridge
Yoon Ha Lee
Georgina Li

ISBN: 9781607012016
Year of publication: 2009

FEDERATIONS An anthology of stories edited by John Joseph Adams Cover art by Sergoe Cover design by Stephen H. Segal Ebook design by Neil Clarke INTRODUCTION by John Joseph Adams Its safe to say that without Star Wars and Star Trek, I might have never become a science fiction fan. When I was a kid, it was those movies and television shows that first interested me in the genre. And when I tested the waters of science fiction reading, some of the first books I bought with my own money were Star ...