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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection

The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection

Maureen F McHugh
Nancy Kress
Michael Swanwick
Bruce Sterling
Gardner Dozois
Harry Turtledove
Michael F Flynn
Alastair Reynolds
Greg Egan
Tobias S Buckell
Eleanor Arnason
Robert Reed
Lavie Tidhar
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Bill Johnson
Madeline Ashby
Alec Nevala-Lee
Suzanne Palmer
Linda Nagata
Sean McMullen
Kelly Robson
Aliette de Bodard
Naomi Kritzer
Rich Larson
Indrapramit Das
R S Benedict
Carter Scholz
Ray Nayler
Jack Skillingstead
Burt Courtier
Jaine Fenn
Jessica Barber
Sara Saab
Kelly Jennings
Ian McHugh
Vina Jie-Min Prasad
Finbarr ’Reilly

ISBN: 9781250164629
Year of publication: 2018

THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION THIRTY-FIFTH ANNUAL COLLECTION Edited by Gardner Dozois Acknowledgments The editor would like to thank the following people for their help and support: Jonathan Strahan, Sean Wallace, Neil Clarke, Gordon Van Gelder, C.C.Finlay, Andy Cox, John Joseph Adams, Ellen Datlow, Sheila Williams, Trevor Quachri, Nick Gevers, Peter Crowther, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, William Shaffer, Ian Whates, Paula Guran, Liza Trombi, Robert Wexler, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Joseph Eschrich, ...

Motivational Engineers

Motivational Engineers

Bill Johnson

Year of publication: 1996

Bill Johnson Motivational Engineers Today is our turn to show our products. And today we will discuss beverages. Carolyn Sorenson sat at one end of the rectangular table. Urla naTydengh sat at the other end. A side table groaned under a rainbow of differently sized and colored bottles and cans. Plastic-covered sheets of paper filled with chemical specifications and volume price discounts were pasted to the side of every bottle and can. An assortment of clear shot glasses, mugs, and tumblers were ...