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Ghoulish Song

Ghoulish Song

William Alexander

ISBN: 9781442427310
Year of publication: 2013

Ghoulish Song by William Alexander For Iris First Verse THE LAST DAY OF Kailes life did not start well. She was up before the sun bothered to be, and fumbled a bit with her bedside lantern. The flint sparked, the wick caught, and she blinked herself awake in the sudden, violent light. Then she wound up the base and watched it turn. The lantern was a music box, a shadow puppet show, and one of Kailes very favorite things. Animals marched around the bedroom walls as it turned in a slow circle. She ...

Goblin Secrets

Goblin Secrets

William Alexander

ISBN: 9781442427280
Year of publication: 2012

Goblin Secrets by William Alexander for Liam ACT I Scene I ROWNIE WOKE WHEN GRABA knocked on the ceiling from the other side. Plaster dust drifted down from the knocking. Graba knocked again. Baskets hung on chains from the rafters, and they shook when she knocked. Rownie sat up and tried to blink sleep-sand and plaster dust from one eye. The whole floor was covered by a bed made up of straw, stolen clothes sewn into blankets, and sleeping siblings. Two of his brothers crawled up out of the ...

Other Worlds Than These

Other Worlds Than These

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ISBN: 9781597804349
Year of publication: 2012

OTHER WORLDS THAN THESE Stories of Parallel Worlds edited by John Joseph Adams Go then, there are other worlds than these. Jake Chambers, to Roland Deschain of Gilead from The Gunslinger by Stephen King FOREWORD LEV GROSSMAN When I read The Chronicles of Narnia as a child, it didnt so much introduce me to the idea that there was another world as confirm my already grave suspicions on the subject. Even at the tender age of eight I wasas I suspect you were, and are, if youre reading this bookone ...