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Through Darkest America

Through Darkest America

Neal Barrett

Year of publication: 2011

THROUGH DARKEST AMERICA Extended Version by Neal Barrett, Jr. Introduction Neal Barretts THROUGH DARKEST AMERICA is a masterpiece. Whats sad is not enough people know it. The book came out, got great attention, and then fell into Davy Jones Locker, deep down beneath the sea, tucked in a treasure chest wrapped in chains. And theres no reason for it. This is one of Neal Barretts best novels. It ranks up there at the tippy-top as far as apocalyptic and dystopian novels go, and it should be on the ...

The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF

The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF

Connie Willis
Joe Haldeman
Geoffrey A Landis
Paolo Bacigalupi
Kevin J Anderson
Michael Bishop
Richard Bowes
James Patrick Kelly
Michael A Burstein
Kij Johnson
Rachel Swirsky
N K Jemisin
Kage Baker
Ted Kosmatka
Neal Barrett
Saladin Ahmed
Will McIntosh
Eugie Foster
Amal El-Mohtar

ISBN: 9781780334295
Year of publication: 2012

THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF NEBULA AWARDS SF Edited by Kevin J. Anderson INTRODUCTION Kevin J. Anderson For forty-five years, the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America SFWA have been reading, pondering, dickering over, and selecting the most exceptional works in the genre. Each year, they present the prestigious Nebula Award for Best Novel, Novella 17,500-40,000 words, Novelette 7,500-17,500 words, and Short Story less than 7,500 words. The first ceremonies, in 1965, honored ...

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

Neal Barrett

ISBN: 0312956282
Year of publication: 1995

A novel by Neal Barrett, Jr. Based on the screenplay by William Wisher and Steven E. de Souza In the Third Millennium, the world changed. Climate Nations all were in upheaval. Humanity itself turned as violent as the planet. Civilization threatened to collapse. And then, a solution was found. The crumbling legal system was merged with the overburdened police, creating a powerful and efficient force for the People. These new guardians of Society were given the power to dispense both justice and ...