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101 Mystery Stories

101 Mystery Stories

O Henry
Martin H Greenberg
Lawrence Block
Edward D Hoch
Harry Kemelman
Leslie Charteris
Charles Dickens
Jack London
Isaac Asimov
Donald E Westlake
Henry Slesar
Edward Wellen
Barry N Malzberg
Frank R Stockton
John D MacDonald
Ed McBain
Edgar Allan Poe
Melville Davisson Post
Anna Katharine Green
Erle Stanley Gardner
Cornell Woolrich
William Campbell Gault
Ellery Queen
Bill Pronzini
Marcia Muller
Ron Goulart
Robert Bloch
Julie Smith
Susan Dunlap
Fredric Brown
John Lutz
Alexandre Dumas
Gil Brewer
Evan Hunter
Robert Edmond Alter
Michael Collins
Brian Garfield
James Holding
Craig Rice
Dion Henderson
Jack Ritchie
Fletcher Flora
Joe L Hensley
Arthur Porges
Katherine Mansfield
Guy de Maupassant
Robert J Randisi
George Harmon Coxe
Hal Ellson
Jonathan Craig
Michael Gilbert
Clark Howard
Robert L Fish
Joyce Harrington
Francis M Nevins, Jr
Nedra Tyre
Talmage Powell
Georges Simenon
Percy Spurlark Parker
Anton Chekhov
Hal Dresner
Morris Hershman
R L Stevens
John F Suter
Betty Ren Wright
Dwight V Babcock
Stephen Crane
H A DeRosso
Thomas B Dewey
Jack Foxx
Marilyn Granbeck
Len Gray
Edward Hunsburger
John Jakes
William Jeffrey
Stephen Marlowe
Arthur Moore
Richard A Moore
Helen Nielsen
Frank Sisk
Julian Symons
Jeffrey M Wallmann
Charlene Weir

ISBN: 9780517603611
Year of publication: 1986

101 Mystery Stories Acknowledgments MacDonald THERE HANGS DEATH Copyright 1949 by United Newspaper Magazines Corporation copyright renewed 1977 by John D. MacDonald. Reprinted by permission of the author. Brown Copyright 1940 by Popular Publications, Inc. copyright renewed 1968 by Fredric Brown. Reprinted by permission of International Creative Management. Westlake Copyright 1967 by Donald E. Westlake. First appeared in ELLERY QUEENS MYSTERY MAGAZINE. Reprinted by permission of the author. ...

100 Malicious Little Mysteries

100 Malicious Little Mysteries

Edward D Hoch
Isaac Asimov
Henry Slesar
Edward Wellen
Barry N Malzberg
Bill Pronzini
Martin Harry Greenberg
Julie Smith
John Lutz
Gary Brandner
Michael Kurland
Robert Edmond Alter
James Holding
Dion Henderson
Richard Deming
Lawrence Treat
Jack Ritchie
Joe L Hensley
Michael Gilbert
Isak Romun
Kay Nolte Smith
William F Nolan
Harold Q Masur
Carroll Mayers
Helen McCloy
Carl Henry Rathjen
Charles Boeckman
Mary Bradford
Anne Chamberlain
Robert H Curtis
Leo R Ellis
Alvin S Fick
Judith Garner
Lew Gillis
Elsin Ann Graffam
Morris Hershman
Phillis Ann Karr
Lael J Littke
Marion M Markham
Patricia A Mathews
James McKimmey
Al Nussbaum
Joseph D Olander
A F Oreshnik
Charles M Plotz
Elaine Slater
Jane Speed
R L Stevens
John F Suter
Jeff Sweet
Fred S Tobey
Penelope Wallace
Jeffrey Wallman
Thomasina Weber
Ruth Wissmann
Betty Ren Wright

ISBN: 9781566199223
Year of publication: 1981

100 Malicious Little Mysteries Acknowledgments Six Words by Lew Gillis. Copyright 1978 by Lew Gillis. First published in Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine March 1978. Reprinted by permission of the author. The Little Things by Isaac Asimov. Copyright 1975 by Isaac Asimov. First published in Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine May 1975. Reprinted by permission of the author. A Matter of Life and Death by Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg. Copyright 1974 by Renown Publications, Inc. First published ...

More Wandering Stars

More Wandering Stars

Isaac Asimov
Harlan Ellison
Barry N Malzberg
Jack Dann
Joe W Haldeman
Phyllis Gotlieb
Horace L Gold
Mel Gilden
Harvey Jacobs
Hugh Nissenson
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Howard Schwartz

ISBN: 1580230636
Year of publication: 2013

MORE WANDERING STARS AN ANTHOLOGY OF OUTSTANDING STORIES OF JEWISH FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Jack Dann With an Introduction by Isaac Asimov In memory of Edith N. Dann, who taught me everything important. INTRODUCTION The Hebrew Source Isaac Asimov Back in 1974, Jack Yankele Dann edited a book called Wandering Stars, which was a collection of stories of science fiction and fantasy with Jewish themes. When I heard that Yankele had this in his head, I marveled. Where, I asked myself, ...

Keywords: Anthology Jewish anthologies Jewish fantasy Jewish fiction Jewish literature Jewish science fiction Jewish short stories
Phase IV

Phase IV

Barry N Malzberg

ISBN: 9780330238441
Year of publication: 1973

Barry N. Malzberg PHASE IV This one is for Bob Gleason. PHASE I I Time: Something clicked and in the nebula shaped like a spirochete, a bolt of energy moved from one side to the other, seventeen light-years, and then vaulted into pure space. Pure space was another two hundred thousand light-years, and the energy, now compacted, whisked through it like a fish through water, accelerating, the inside curiously static. Time: Something attacked the energy, some cosmic turbulence or another ...

Acts of Mercy

Acts of Mercy

Barry N Malzberg
Bill Pronzini

Year of publication: 0

Bill Pronzini, Barry N. Malzberg Acts of Mercy Prologue Do you want to check over these appointments, Mrs. Augustine Not particularly. Oh all right, Elizabeth, let me see them. Yes, yes. What about this United Jewish Appeal luncheon tomorrow Do you think I really have to attend How can I tell you that, Mrs. Augustine I suppose you cant, can you. Its just that there are so many decisions to make and it would be nice to have someone help me make a few of them. The small ones, at least. I ...

I, Alien

I, Alien

Robert J Sawyer
Mike Resnick
Stephen Leigh
Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Harry Turtledove
Barry N Malzberg
William Sanders
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Michael A Burstein
Tobias S Buckell
Laura Resnick
Jennifer Roberson
Paul L Martens
Kay Kenyon
Janis Ian
Barbara Delaplace
Tom Gerencer
Laura Frankos
Batya Swift Yasgur
Josepha Sherman
Paul Crilley
Susan R Matthews
Linda J Dunn
Terry McGarry
Adrienne Gormley
John DeChancie
Anthony R Lewis
Ralph Roberts

ISBN: 9780756402358
Year of publication: 2005

I, ALIEN Edited by Mike Resnick INTRODUCTION by Mike Resnick SCIENCE FICTION LOVES aliens. Weve had cute aliens, frightening aliens, brilliant aliens, stupid aliens, friendly aliens, hate-filled aliens, lustful aliens, aliens who think and sound just like us, and aliens whom we will never begin to understand. The true alien is a cipher that doesnt serve much use in science fiction. If he existsexcuse me: if it existsit probably breathes methane, excretes bricks, smells colors, reproduces by ...

Foundation’s Friends

Foundation’s Friends

Robert Silverberg
Edward D Hoch
Frederik Pohl
Connie Willis
Mike Resnick
Poul Anderson
Robert Sheckley
Orson Scott Card
Edward Wellen
Ben Bova
Harry Harrison
Pamela Sargent
Harry Turtledove
Betsy Spiegelman Fein
Barry N Malzberg
Sheila Finch
George Zebrowski
Hal Clement

ISBN: 0312931743
Year of publication: 1989

Foundations Friends Stories in Honor of Isaac Asimov To Isaac, with love Preface by Ray Bradbury One of my favorite stories as a child was the one about the little boy who got a magical porridge machine functioning so wildly that it inundated the town with three feet of porridge. In order to walk from one house to the other, or head down-street, one had to head out with a large spoon, eating ones way to destinations near or far. A delightful concept, save that I imagined tomato soup and a thick ...