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The Lowest Heaven

The Lowest Heaven

Alastair Reynolds
Kaaron Warren
Kameron Hurley
E J Swift
Adam Roberts
Sophia McDougall

ISBN: 9780957169692
Year of publication: 2013

THE LOWEST HEAVEN EDITORS Anne C. Perry Jared Shurin IMAGES National Maritime Museum COVER Joey Hi-Fi To curiosity big and little c INTRODUCTION It should come as no surprise that the relationship between astronomy and science fiction has always been a close one. After all, even in the Space Age, the nearest most of us will get to experiencing the wonders of deep space for ourselves is through the medium of books, films and television and perhaps, if were lucky, virtual reality too. Modern ...

The Very Best of the Best

The Very Best of the Best

Peter Watts
Carrie Vaughn
Stephen Baxter
Pat Cadigan
Elizabeth Bear
Nancy Kress
Michael Swanwick
Ian McDonald
Robert Charles Wilson
Charles Stross
Daryl Gregory
James Patrick Kelly
Alastair Reynolds
Gwyneth Jones
Paul McAuley
Greg Egan
Kage Baker
John Kessel
Eleanor Arnason
Kathe Koja
Ian R MacLeod
Robert Reed
Lavie Tidhar
Maureen McHugh
Yoon Ha Lee
Ken Liu
David Moles
John Barnes
Adam Roberts
Allen M Steele
Aliette de Bodard
Rich Larson
Indrapramit Das
R S Benedict
Carter Scholz
Ray Nayler
Sam J Miller
Gardner R Dozois
Sarah Monette

ISBN: 9781250296191
Year of publication: 2019

THE VERY BEST OF THE BEST 35 YEARS OF THE YEARS BEST SCIENCE FICTION Edited by Gardner Dozois Time that is intolerant Of the brave and innocent, And indifferent in a week To a beautiful physique, Worships language and forgives Everyone by whom it lives. W. H. AUDEN acknowledgments Id like to thank all the people who have helped me assemble these volumes over the years Susan Casper, Sean Swanwick, and Vaughne Lee Hanson for technical support too many authors and editors to list and thanks to my ...

Yellow Blue Tibia

Yellow Blue Tibia

Adam Roberts

ISBN: 9780575083578
Year of publication: 2009

Adam Roberts YELLOW BLUE TIBIA A novel You are right. I understood this myself when I read your novel The Time Machine. All Human conceptions are on the scale of our planet. They are based on the pretension that the technical potential, though it will develop, will never exceed the terrestrial limit. If we succeed in establishing interplanetary communications, all our philosophies, moral and social views, will have to be revised. In this case the technical potential, become limitless, will ...