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Dating Is Murder

Dating Is Murder

Harley Jane Kozak

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Harley Jane Kozak Dating Is Murder The second book in the Wollie Shelley Mystery series, 2005 For my mother, Dorothy Taraldsen Kozak, who wouldve gone to the ends of the earth for us and no doubt still does. 1 Moth harmonica. Thats what it sounded like, the guttural, heavy-accented syllables coming through my answering machine. A piece of haiku, until the woman rattled off an almost unintelligible series of digits that went on and on, like a credit card number or the miles from earth to ...

Crimes by Moonlight

Crimes by Moonlight

Charlaine Harris
William Kent Krueger
Margaret Maron
Brendan Dubois
Harley Jane Kozak
S W Hubbard
Jeffrey Somers
Elaine Viets
Barbara DAmato
Lou Kemp
Martin Meyers
Terrie Farley Moran
Jack Fredrickson
Steve Brewer
Mike Wiecek
Dana Cameron
Carolyn Hart
Max Allan Collins
Mickey Spillane
Parnell Hall
Toni L P Kelner

Year of publication: 2010

Charlaine Harris, William Kent Krueger, Margaret Maron, Brendan Dubois, Harley Jane Kozak, S. W. Hubbard, Jeffrey Somers, Elaine Viets, Barbara DAmato, Lou Kemp, Martin Meyers, Terrie Farley Moran, Jack Fredrickson, Steve Brewer, Mike Wiecek, Dana Cameron, Carolyn Hart, Max Allan Collins, Mickey Spillane, Parnell Hall, Toni L. P. Kelner Crimes by Moonlight 2010 INTRODUCTION After years of belonging to the mystery community, Im used to being regarded as nonthreatening, good-natured sometimes ...