And Justice There Is None


And Justice There Is None

Deborah Crombie


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Deborah Crombie And Justice There Is None The eighth book in the Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James series, 2002 For Nanny MILLENNIUM "The sun no longer shows His face; and treason sows His secret seeds that no man can detect; Fathers by their children are undone; The brother would the brother cheat; And the cowled monk is a deceit… Might is right, and justice there is none." – Walther von der Vogelweide c. 1170-1230 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks are due, as always, to the Every Other Tuesday Night Writer's Group: Steve Copling, Dale Denton, Jim Evans, Diane Sullivan Hale, John Hardie, Viqui Litman, Rickey Thornton, and Milan Vesely, with added appreciation to Diane Sullivan Hale, RN, BSN, for her advice on medical matters. Thanks as well to Carol Chase and Marcia Talley for their inspiration and input; to Connie Munro for her astute copy edit; to Glen Edelstein for the book design; to Jamie Warren Youll for the jacket design; to Kate Miciak, my editor at Bantam, for...

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