ISBN: 0345452526
Year of publication: 2005
Sequence of author: A time odyssey(№2)
Sequence of author: Time’s eye(№1)
Sequence of author: Sunstorm(№2)


Stephen Baxter
Arthur Charles Clarke

Science fiction

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Arthur C. Clarke & Stephen Baxter Sunstorm Part 1 1: Return Bisesa Dutt gasped, and staggered. She was standing. She didn’t know where she was. Music was playing. She stared at a wall, which showed the magnified image of an impossibly beautiful young man crooning into an old-fashioned microphone. Impossible, yes; he was a synth-star, a distillation of the inchoate longings of subteen girls. “My God, he looks like Alexander the Great.” Bisesa could barely take her eyes off the wall’s moving colors, its brightness. She had forgotten how drab and dun-colored Mir had been. But then, Mir had been another world altogether. Aristotle said, “Good morning, Bisesa. This is your regular alarm call. Breakfast is waiting downstairs. The news headlines today are—” “Shut up.” Her voice was a dusty desert croak. “Of course.” The synthetic boy sang on softly. She glanced around. This was her bedroom, in her London apartment. It seemed small, cluttered. The bed was big, soft, not slept in. She walked...

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