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Hot peeping wife
Hot peeping wife

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Hot peeping wife

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Hot peeping wife CHAPTER ONE Norman Silvia was talking to his friends in the local bar. "I mean; you expect milkmen to get fucked, right?" he was saying. "You expect horny housewives to fuck meter readers and gardeners. But you ever hear of a carpenter getting any pussy? I ask you!" Norman was a carpenter. He was wearing blue overalls with lots of pockets for hammers and screwdrivers and tools and such – tools with a splotch of congealed cum on the fly. Norman was a tall, thin fellow, with the brawny forearms of his trade – the muscles developed by having turned a million screws and pounded a million nails – lank, dark hair and a sallow face. Normally he was unhappy with his lot because he wanted to be an architect rather than a common carpenter, but today, he was bubbling over with enthusiasm. "So what happened?" one of his friends asked, knowing Norman was going to tell them the tale whether they asked or not. Usually he bored...

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