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In heat secretary
In heat secretary

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In heat secretary

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen In heat secretary CHAPTER ONE He pulled a bottle of scotch out of his desk drawer and stared at her cleavage. "Tell me about yourself, Terry," he said, pouring two shots in as many glasses and handing one to the young secretary who sat across from him. "There's not much to tell, Mr. Young," nineteen-year-old Terry Gregson said nervously as she sipped her scotch. "I graduated from secretarial school last month and this is my first job." The big-boobed brunette's hands shook as she placed the glass back on the desk. Mr. Young was one of her bosses and it felt strange to be sitting in his office drinking. Normally when he called her in, he wanted to dictate or have her make a phone call for him. But today was her three-week anniversary on the job and when he called her into his office he immediately pulled out the bottle. "You're doing a very good job, Terry," he grinned, gazing at her legs. She sipped her drink nervously as she...

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