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Schoolgirl peeper
Schoolgirl peeper

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Schoolgirl peeper

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Schoolgirl peeper CHAPTER ONE Jennifer Hastings found it difficult to get through the day without playing with her pussy at least once. She was a very horny young lady, and it was rather surprising that she was still a virgin – but her cherry had only been preserved by the diligent manual attention that she paid to her crotch. No boy had even got her alone when she was too hot to turn him down, mainly because she always frigged herself off before she went out on a date. She had started masturbating in junior high, discovering the pleasures of self-stimulation almost, but not quite, by accident. She was amazed when the thrill of a climax came racing across her nubile loins; it had been so wonderful that as soon as she stopped panting, she did it all over again. After that, she played with her pussy two or three times a week, at first, but as she grew older and hornier, she began to frig herself with greater regularity. By the time she...

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