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Naughty balling family
Naughty balling family

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Naughty balling family

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen Naughty balling family CHAPTER ONE Mark Howard was about to shoot his wad when the door opened and his cousin Betsy tiptoed into the room. When the cute redhead moved toward the bed, the boy's cock gave a wild lurch and he dove under the covers. Mark's father and Betsy's father were brothers. Mark and his parents lived in a townhouse which was attached to two others. The second house was occupied by Betsy and her parents and the third by their grandparents. All three families had privacy when they wanted it, yet they were able to go from house to house with ease. This particular weekend the youngsters' parents were away and they were being supervised by their grandparents. It was almost like being alone. Molly and George were loving and kind, but they adored their only grandchildren and let them run wild. Now Betsy sat down on the edge of Mark's bed. "Are you sleeping?" she said. "Yeah," the boy said, switching the light on....

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