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An orgy family-style
An orgy family-style

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An orgy family-style

Donna Allen

Erotic, Sex

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Donna Allen An orgy family-style CHAPTER ONE "No, Chuck, we really shouldn't." "Jesus, Pam, sometimes you act like a virgin." "Well, someone could see us. My mother could come out…" "You ought to stop letting your mother control you." He lowered his lips to hers. "Honest, Pam, you're not a kid any more. There are teenagers who fuck around more than you do." "Oh, Chuck." The blonde touched her hand to the back of his neck and encouraged his kisses. At first his kisses were gentle, but after a moment his lips became insistent. His arms held her tightly and his hands fondled her tits. "Give me your tongue," he said as he tried forcing his tongue into her barely parted lips. She couldn't resist, and in a moment her pointed tongue was buried in his mouth. "Oh, Chuck, you always do this to me," she said. "Baby, if you'd go to a motel like normal women, we wouldn't have to do it in a car." "I can't go to a motel with you." His...

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