The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories
The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories

ISBN: 9781845297794
Year of publication: 2010
Sequence of publisher: The mammoth book of ...

The Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories

Stephen Baxter
Robert Silverberg
Pat Cadigan
Frederik Pohl
Chris Roberson
Ken MacLeod
James Morrow
Rudy Rucker
Harry Harrison
Fritz Leiber
Gregory Benford
Pamela Sargent
Harry Turtledove
George Zebrowski
Ian Watson
Judith Tarr
Esther M Friesner
Kim Stanley Robinson
Paul McAuley
A A Attanasio
Kim Newman
Ian Whates
Eugene Byrne
Suzette Hayden Elgin
Tom Shippey
Keith Roberts
Marc Laidlaw
Ian R MacLeod
Pierre évart

Alternative history

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Mammoth Book of Alternate Histories Edited By Ian Watson & Ian Whates Introduction “There is an infinitude of Pasts, all equally valid,” wrote Andre Maurois, the French novelist and biographer. “At each and every instant of Time, however brief you suppose it, the line of events forks like the stem of a tree putting forth twin branches.” This is quoted in Virtual History: Alternatives and Counterfactuals, edited by historian and political commentator Niall Ferguson. These days alternative history is almost respectable amongst historians, leading to such other recent well-received volumes of essays as Robert Cowley’s What If? Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been or Andrew Roberts’ What Might Have Been: Leading Historians on Twelve “What Ifs” of History. Some other historians frown at counterfactuality; although, if the “Many Worlds” interpretation of Quantum Physics is correct, all possible alternatives might indeed occur in a branching...