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Hot daughter peeps
Hot daughter peeps

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Hot daughter peeps

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard Hot daughter peeps CHAPTER ONE Tracy Arnold cut across the vacant lot between her school and the street where she lived. She was anxious to get home because just yesterday, in the privacy of her room, she had made her pussy cum for the first time. She had been rubbing it a lot lately but this was the first time the "magic" happened. She was eager to work some more magic. Passing an excavation spot, she heard a dog whine and whimper. Tracy liked animals and it bothered her to think a dog might be hurting. So she climbed up the dirt mound and looked down into the hole. Her blue eyes went wide and her jutting young tits rose up in the tightness of her little T-shirt… "Oh, wow!" she breathed. There were two dogs there, a big black one and a smaller white one. The black one was on top of the white one, humping his haunches wildly. It was the white one that was doing all the whimpering. Tracy knew about dogs in heat from a class in...

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