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Every guest was good
Every guest was good

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Every guest was good

David Crane

Erotic, Sex

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David Crane Every guest was good CHAPTER ONE The storm struck with a sudden and savage fury. It was a freak storm, unpredicted and unexpected, and it was going to have a profound effect on the lives of several people who had been strangers before the storm, but who would be thrown into intimate circumstances by it. Anna and Richard Wellington were in their car, driving home from an evening at the Riverview Inn. Claire and Jason Curtis were still at the Riverview Inn, slow-dancing to the jukebox. Their sexy teenaged daughter, Barbara, was entertaining her boyfriend, Nick Hannible, at home, taking advantage of her parents' absence. The links between these various people were only circumstantial up until the moment when the storm began to rage with an abrupt fury. But those links were going to become far more concrete in a very short time. Anna and Richard were going home to fuck. They had been watching Claire and Jason grinding...

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