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The neighbors hot daughter
The neighbor_s hot daughter

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The neighbor_s hot daughter

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard The neighbor_s hot daughter CHAPTER ONE The intensity of orgasm triggered this way by her father was what terrified Nancy Wilton, but she knew deep in her heart that her lusting father wouldn't release her until he had reduced her to a whimpering mass of burning female flesh. The words of her Aunt Mary came back to her: "You watch your cute ass," she had said one day. "He may be your Pa, but he's a raunchy lecher. He was eating me when I was your age and I'm his sister!" Immediately, he began to breathe heavily and started playing with her stiff clit and squeezing her hard tits. Never had she known that a girl could make a man so hot and excited, that a man could make a girl feel so naughty. Her body twisted toward him as he tongue-fucked her sweet mouth, massaged her jutting tits, and rubbed her squirming clit. She was suddenly bumping and quivering from head to toe. Ben broke the hot kiss and peered down at her juicy cunt,...

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