ISBN: 0002254263
Year of publication: 1998
Sequence of author: Nasa(№3)


Stephen Baxter

Science fiction

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Moonseed by Stephen Baxter For Sandra, with all my love DRAMATIS PERSONAE Henry Meacher, geologist, NASA Geena Bourne, Space Station astronaut Jane Dundas, shopkeeper Arkady Berezovoy, Space Station astronaut GREAT BRITAIN EDINBURGH: Jack Dundas, son of Jane Mike Dundas, technician Ted Dundas, retired police officer Ruth Clark, neighbour of Ted Dundas Hamish Macrae, aka Bran, cult leader Billy Macrae, brother of Hamish Alan Macrae, father of Hamish Dan McDiarmid, geologist, Edinburgh University Marge Case, geologist, Edinburgh University Constable Morag Decker, police officer Blue Ishiguro, geologist, USGS William MacEwen, police superintendent Paula Romano, Chief Constable Archie Ferguson, Emergency Planning Officer Janice Docherty, hospital patient Siobhan Reader, Musselburgh Rest Centre manager OTHER: Bob Fames, Prime Minister Dave Holland, Environment Secretary ...

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