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The wife vacation
The wife_ vacation

Sequence of author: Triumph books(№1013)

The wife_ vacation

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd The wife_ vacation CHAPTER ONE Martin Fielding was watching his wife, Jan, sitting in the living room, surrounded by suit cases as she carefully went over her check list. Jan was a very practical woman and he knew that she would have everything in perfect order before she and their two daughters would leave for Pine Ridge the following morning. In their eighteen years of marriage, Martin's wife had been very practical in everything she did. Not believing in frills, she always bought good long-lasting shoes that would give her lots of wear and comfort. She always bought dresses and skirts at a sensible length, never following the fashion trends. When short skins were in style, Jan's always looked too long, and when lower hem lines than in vogue, hers were a bit too short. She considered the practical length as just below the knees, and whatever fashion might dictate, that was always her length. She never bought anything except the finest...