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Mother in heat
Mother in heat

Sequence of author: Triumph books(№1015)

Mother in heat

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Mother in heat CHAPTER ONE Barbara Thurmond studied her figure in the mirror as she slowly dried her luscious body with a large fluffy towel. The mother of two teen-aged children, she was an exceptionally beautiful woman and looked much younger than her thirty-seven years. She had a creamy white skin with long dark hair and big smoky-gray eyes that smoldered with passion. She had a full figure, yet there wasn't an ounce of fat. Her tits were firm and hard, and their size was accentuated by her extremely slim waist that flared out to her flail rounded hips. Her soft upper thighs were well rounded and tapered down to her trim legs and ankles. Looking in the mirror, she could see the soft nest, of silky-dark pussy hairs that formed the triangle around her juicy slit. A little tremor of excitement rippled through her body, knowing that her husband's big hard cock would be filling her cunt a few short minutes from now. Her husband, Ed, had...