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The familys naughty habit
The family_s naughty habit

Sequence of author: Triumph books(№1017)

The family_s naughty habit

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd The family_s naughty habit CHAPTER ONE Sitting on the wide sofa in the motel room with her smooth bare legs curled under her, Della Conway was idly chatting with Earl Morgan who was sitting in a huge padded chair facing the pretty woman. She was a lovely sight in the brief pair of black panties and bra that accented the creamy whiteness of her almost nude body. Her shimmering dark hair fell to her shoulders as her soft grey eyes danced with excitement. Della had been Earl Morgan's secretary for three years, but it had only been for the past year that she'd been accompanying him to a motel about once a month. Not only was it good job security, but Della found Earl to be the most considerate and fantastic lover she'd ever known. Della was a petite woman of thirty-seven, and no one would ever dream that she had a nineteen-year-old daughter at home. She had been knocked up by George Conway, their high school football hero when she was a...