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The naughty wifes dogs
The naughty wife_s dogs

Sequence of author: Pet book(№270)

The naughty wife_s dogs

Ted Leonard

Erotic, Sex

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Ted Leonard The naughty wife_s dogs Chapter One Lithe and lovely 20-year-old Linda Pruett woke up feeling horny. She uncurled her long body beneath the sheets and her luscious tits poked hard, making perfect mounds peaked with sharp points. She made a soft sound, half sleepy, half sensuous. Her hand slipped over onto her sleeping husband's muscular stomach. Her fingertips stole down through his wiry pubic hair and touched the soft skin of his limp, thick cock. Her slim fingers curled around her favorite toy and a soft smile lifted the corners of her mouth. She liked Jeff's big prick. She stroked her husband's prick slowly and gave it little squeezes as she fondly recalled the night before. Jeff had come home horny for a change, and, after weeks of very little sex, he had fucked Linda the way she liked to be fucked. Her cockteasing fingers aroused Jeff and he murmured in his sleep. His prick started rising in Linda's caressing fist. She pumped on his cock until it was standing...

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