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Daddys hot daughter
Daddy_s hot daughter

Sequence of author: Triumph books(№1020)

Daddy_s hot daughter

Ray Todd

Erotic, Sex

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Ray Todd Daddy_s hot daughter CHAPTER ONE Tenderly holding her father's thick hard dick in her hand, Paula's tongue was swirling wetly around the man's massive cockhead. The big mushroom-shaped knob, as well as the tightly stretched skin of his huge throbbing dick were completely saturated with the teen's spit. There was nothing in the world that the redhead enjoyed more than sucking off her dad. Paula was eighteen years old and she'd been giving her father blow jobs since shortly after her mother passed away. "Oh, baby," panted the big muscular man. "You sure know how to please your old dad." "That's 'cause I love you," she slurped. With her sweet young lips ovalled tightly around the head of his cock, Paula sucked deep and hard, always excited by the way she could make his big body tremble with ecstasy. "Oh, Daddy," she whispered, temporarily removing his thick wet prick from her mouth and rubbing it tenderly against her freckled cheek....